Are you ready for winter?

Winter is just around the corner, and as often happens when the cold weather sets in, pipes tend to freeze.

With this costly issue in mind, Lōtik recently released the newest version of its wireless water sensor, which includes the ability to measure the external pipe temperature.

Measuring external pipe temperature supplements the data Lōtik collects so the sensors can measure really small leaks. This also enables our technology to notify you if your pipes are about to freeze.

Lōtik monitors pipe temperature throughout the day. If we notice that the pipe temperature is dropping, and the weather is freezing, we alert you with a text message. By telling you the exact sensor location of pipe that is at risk of freezing, we give you the knowledge and the advance notice that could save you thousands of dollars in water damage repair and head off mold issues before they happen.

Today, water damage is one of the leading claims paid by commercial insurance companies, with the average cost of a household claim totaling $7,000. Isn’t it time to get #waterwise with Lōtik?


Photo by Michael Cory.

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